Featured Vendors

Eat Clean KC

We quite literally become what we eat, so how are you fueling your lifestyle?  Fast and convenient foods that are the nutrional equivalent of the town dump or fresh and nutritious foods that are expensive and require hours of shopping and preperation?  What if you had those fresh and nutritious foods as close as your smartphone and could save money eating healthy?   EatClean!™ is Kansas City's freshest solution to healthy food consultation and meal preparation.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, or just want to feel happy and healthy again, we have meal options for you.  No muss, no fuss, just clean eats.  Click Here to learn more.


The Garment House

Brought to you by 10 Broadway Events, The Garment House is an all encompassing entertainment area.  It features an events space in Hush, beer and burgers at Beer 30, past and present video games at Broadway Arcade, and swanky pool hall at Stoney's.  Click Here to learn more.


Shar J's Catering

Shar J's Catering interviews each client to create a menu with seasonal ingredients, fun recipes, items that meet the event's theme, flavors that exceed expectations, and ultimately a one-of-a-kind package.  Click Here to learn more.


Sol Cantina

Sol Cantina is a casual, Southwest patio bar and grill, offering a menu with influences from the Baja peninsula, San Diego and backyards everywhere.  Sol Cantina’s open air atmosphere is created with two 14 foot garage doors at the front of the building, and an 18 foot garage door in back which invites you to our spacious patio and tiki bar.  Sol Cantina is located in the heart of Martini Corner at Union Hill.  Click Here to learn more.